Visit portugal

Lisboa the capital city of the Fado nation. Lisbon is among the oldest cities in the world on the top 3 list and the 2nd eldest European capital city after Athen. Lisbon is in the top traveling list for most people between 18-45 years. The mediterranean climate makes it easy to be visited almost all year. Very famous beaches, amazing food, friendly neighborhood, with the touch of Fado.

Alongside to Lisboa, Porto is also recognized as a global city. The 2nd biggest city in Portugal with a very famous wine culture. One of the most eclectic destination in Europe. If you traveling to Porto you must try the famous Port Wine (Vinho do Porto). Due to its popularity for backpackers, makes this destination very famous and famous. a very liberal place to be. Visiting Porto is a must for every traveler.

Madeira is the largest vast populous island of the Madeira Archipelago. A sovereign territory of Portugal set over 1000 km away from mainland. The very famous airport of Madeira is famous due to its iconic runway ostensibly drooping off the edge of a cliff and also the fertility of its soil. The climate raise it a high producing wine spot which is known for over 500 years. Funchal the capital city of Madeira.


Algarve the southern coastline of Portugal.

Putting Portugal in your top destination list is really a must. Portugal, is so versatile and rich in culture that makes this destination a must for travelers.