Top 10 best beaches in Portugal

top 10 beaches in Portugal

Top 10 best beaches in Portugal

Most people think of Fado when they talk about Portugal, being in Portugal you´ll feel the vibrant love of the whole country floating into while your visit. Love, Culture, Passion and all over you´ll feel the Fado music.

They are almost always surrounded by yellowish or reddish cliffs and others with extensive sandy beaches. The West Coast has rough seas, while the South Coast (near the Algarve) has calmer seas.

There are all kinds of beaches, both well urbanized and organized, and also rustic and deserted. The waters are transparent and blue, but the sea is always cold, even in the summer months.

When to go to the beaches of Portugal

Top 10 best beaches in Portugal

The best time to enjoy the beaches of Portugal is from May to September, during the European summer. During these months there is almost no rain, and the temperatures are higher.

Beaches of Portugal - 10 best beaches in Portugal

From June to August is high season, when accommodations are more expensive and beaches are more crowded. From the beginning of May to the beginning of June, as well as September, are the most cost-effective months.

For surfers or for those who want to see the giant waves of Nazaré, the best time is in winter, between October and February. Peniche beach is also part of the world surfing circuit with its Supertubes.

Beaches of Portugal - 10 best beaches in Portugal

Top 10 best beaches in Portugal

1 – Praia Dona Ana – Lagos – Beaches of Portugal

Although small, with only 40 meters wide, but Praia Dona Ana is constantly on the list of the best beaches in Europe. Thanks to the wonderful transparent water and the amazing wind that blows along its shores.

Many say it is how it is because it is a very calm and relaxed place surrounded by cliffs, the main access to it is through stairways which sometimes also serve its function as viewpoints.

It is very easy to get there at Praia Dona Ana which. It´s found at the city of Lagos, in the Algarve. The main access there is a parking area and also a bus stop for the Blue Line and also for Line number 2.

Beaches of Portugal - 10 best beaches in Portugal

2 – Praia da Marinha – Lagoa – Beaches of Portugal

In Portugal also well known as the Golden Beach, europeanwide considedered one of the 10 out of 100 most beautiful beaches in the world.

Surrounded by high cliffs, it is a beautiful beach with golden sand and transparent sea, with calm waters. It has natural tunnels formed by the rocks and beautiful rocks, among them huge natural arches.

Praia da Marinha is in Carvoeiro, at the municipality of Lagoa, in the Algarve.
It is located below a high cliff with access by a single stairway leading down to the beach. Above the cliff is a parking area.

Beaches of Portugal - 10 best beaches in Portugal

3 – Praia do Guincho – Cascais

Beaches in Portugal Lisbon

Besides being a beautiful beach, it is also one of the windiest in Portugal, making it ideal for the practice of sports The waves and wind are perfect for surfers, bodyboarders and kitesurfers, surfing, windsurfing. The 800 meters of sandy beach invite you to spread the towel and relax, while contemplating the intense blue sea. Every year, it even hosts events and competitions linked to the world of water sports.

Offers access for wheelchair users to the shore. Its beauty is such that Guincho Beach has already served as the setting for the recording of one of James Bond’s movies.

Guincho won in 2012, in the category of Beach for Sporting Use, the contest “Seven Wonders, Beaches of Portugal”. Know why.
You don’t need a car to get there: you can go by bicycle. A set of dunes hide the beauty of the beach, as a form of protection. And there is a campsite nearby for those who want to stay overnight in these parts. We are talking about Guincho, winner of the “Seven Wonders, Beaches of Portugal” contest.

Embedded between two rocky peaks, the Ponta Alta and the Ponta do Abano, is the Guincho beach. The fact that it is in the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park, very close to the mountains, gives it a unique touch.

4 – Portinho da Arrábida – Setúbal

Beaches in Portugal Lisbon

A perfect beach for scuba diving, since its waters are transparent and calm. Its name comes from the Serra da Arrábida, which permeates the eastern side of its coastline. It is interesting to visit – in addition to the several restaurant options the beach has – the Creiro Archeological Station and the Oceanographic Museum
Portinho da Arrábida beach is part of the Arrábida National Park in Setúbal, located 46 km south of Lisbon. It is located next to a village in one of the few areas of the Portuguese coast where the green of the vegetation reaches the sea.

The beach has a calm sea and turquoise water in an incredible transparency. It has a half moon shape, starts at the village and extends through an uninhabited area of the Arrábida Park, joining the Creiro beach.

The access to the beach is through Serra da Arrábida, both for those coming from Lisbon (46 km) and Setúbal (14 km).

5 – Praia da Figueirinha – Setúbal

Beaches in Portugal Lisbon

Figueirinha Beach is located west of Setúbal, with a length of 350m and width of 30m, being a beach of the Arrábida Natural Park which means that this is a well protected and calm area to be. It is a highly sought after beach due to the tranquility of its waters and extensive sand, ideal for families and for those who want some privacy. However, during the summer it is a very busy beach! Besides its beauty, the beach has views to Tróia and to Portinho da Arrábida, as well as the infrastructure of restaurants, bathrooms and chair and sunshade rentals. The main and mostlz only access to the beach is by car, and there is a parking lot with capacity for about 190 cars. So you better hurry up.

6 – Praia do Baleal – Peniche – Beaches of Portugal

Baleal Beach in Peniche, is located about 5 km northeast of the city and is divided between South and North, separated by a small strip of sand. Between the two large beaches there is also a rocky peninsula and a village. We can think of a kind of miniature Peniche, since in the past all the isthmus of Peniche would have been an island that later began to connect to land by a tongue of sand.

South Baleal has a horseshoe shape, with an extensive sandy beach, while North Baleal is a straighter one. The central part of the beaches offer good waves, while the extremities have calmer seas.

The region offers a good infrastructure, with bars, restaurants, hotels and parking.

Best way to get there: Baleal Beach is located next to the city of Peniche, 100 km North of Lisbon. It has easy access by the avenue of the beach, that goes around the whole coast..Baleal Beach offers good lodging options and is also next to the city of Peniche, with easy access to the beach.

7 – Praia de Nazaré – Do Norte

Surf lovers should aim for the small town of Nazaré, since the place is well known – Nazaré has become world famous for the giant waves (about 35 meters, wow – amazing) that form in the Nazaré Cannon. But this town in Portugal offers other attractions that give even more reason to visit.

Several world championships are held in Praia do Norte, watched from the top of the Fort of São Miguel Arcanjo, which offers a privileged view. For beginner swimmers and surfers, the sea is less rough at Nazaré Beach, in the central region.

Besides the waves, there is also the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Nazaré, on top of the mountain. There is also the Suberco lookout, which offers a spectacular view of Nazaré beach and the city.

Just ahead, the Fort of São Miguel Arcanjo and the Nazaré Lighthouse, which serves as a belvedere for the giant waves of the North beach.

8 – Praia do Castelo – Algarve

In the Castle the cliffs rise up, marking the landscape. The sand, nestled between rocky walls, unfolds in hidden corners and small coves. It is not only the beautiful serene blue sea that draws the attention of visitors to Praia do Castelo – the place also has a historical attraction that cannot be missed: the ruins of a fort, built in the 14th century

In the surroundings of the beach the deep green of the pine forests dominates. On the flattened top of the isolated rocks also dominates the green, this time of plants adapted to the marine environment as the wormleaf saltwort, sea orach and sea fennel. Various sea birds, such as hawks and cormorants, appreciate these places that are inaccessible to land predators.

The walks along the cliffs are favored here, discovering small coves and observing geoforms generated by erosion, especially potholes and caves. However, caution and keeping a safe distance from the edge of the cliffs is recommended.

9 – Praia da Albandeira – Portimão

Praia da Rocha is one of the best beaches in Portugal, considering its tourist infrastructure. It has an extensive and wide strip of sand with calm sea and transparent waters. Is usually crowded during the summer (and we are talking about a large coastline, almost 1.5 km long!). And to meet all this demand, the infrastructure has good bars and restaurants, open during the day and at night. Take the opportunity to also visit the Fortaleza de Santa Catarina, with a construction dated from 1600.

It is right in front of the city of Portimão. On its left side is the mouth of the Arade River, and on the right, the belvedere and Três Castelos beach, full of beautiful cliffs and rock formations. Between the sand and the town there are several options of bars and restaurants.

Praia da Rocha is opposite the center of the city of Portimão, in the Algarve. It is located below a cliff with access by several steps that go down to the beach.

10 – Praia da Conceição

Located in the middle of Cascais, between the Albatroz Hotel and the “Chalet Faial”, the Conceição Beach is connected to the Duquesa Beach. This is the most frequented beach in Cascais, as it is close to the town center and with the main bus lines circulating there. Kiosks and highly praised restaurants are part of this perimeter, and visitors still have a parking lot (with parking meter) and beach umbrellas at their disposal.

Its name is due to the existence of a chapel next to the beach, built in honor of Nossa Senhora da Conceição. It is one of the most frequented beaches in the village due to its privileged location, close to the various types of transport and with easy access. This beach marks the beginning of the maritime promenade that, with about 3 km, extends to the Azarujinha Beach, in S. João do Estoril. Like its “sister” beach, this one presents favorable conditions for water sports. This beach has been, in the last years, classified as Accessible Beach to people with reduced mobility.

Our Conclusion on the best beaches in Portugal

Top 10 best beaches in Portugal

This was our list of the best beaches in Portugal. However, we know that there are many other beautiful beaches that could also be named here, remember these lists and names are just our opinion.

It is normal to have disagreements among readers, after all different opinions are valid.
Leave your opinion in the comments and indicate other beaches that you would like to see in this list, well as the list could also be named the 100 best Beaches in Portugal!

Top 10 best beaches in Portugal
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Beaches of Portugal - 10 best beaches in Portugal


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