Valletta – sounds so nice in everyone’s ear. Malta´s capital is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Valletta has been built on a peninsula in the central eastern part of Malta. It has a population of just over 6000 people. Valletta is named after the French Grandmaster Jean Parisot De La Valette. He headed the defense of Malta from the Ottoman invasion in 1565. The entire city of Valletta has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are so many interesting things to be done in Valletta – Worth the trip.

Mdina is a secure Gothic town enclosed in bastions, located on a large hill in the centre of Malta. The town was the old capital of Malta, and with its narrow streets, few inhabitants and beautiful views over the Island it is truly a magical town. Mdina is referred to as the “Quiet Town” by Maltese and visitors alike – no cars (except those of a limited number of residents) have permission to enter town. The town provides a relaxing atmosphere among the visitors walking its narrow streets and alleyways.

Sliema is a coastal town located on the northeast of Malta, beside to St. Julians. Once the home of Malta’s aristocracy; it has now become a major commercial area, very popular for shopping, bars, cafes, restaurants, and hotels. Sliema acquired its name from a chapel dedicated to The Our Lady of The Sea (or Stella Maris). It was built in 1855, which served as a reference point to the fishermen who inhabited the area. The name is linked to the opening words of the Hail Mary prayer, which in Maltese are “Sliem Għalik Marija”


St. Julian’s or San Giljan is located on the Maltese coast, north of Valletta and it is mostly famous for its thriving nightlife and touristic activity. This town is a hub for new and luxurious hotels. Many different kinds of restaurants and trendy nightclubs, mostly centered in an area known as Paceville. For this reason, St. Julian’s is popular amongst both the locals and tourists alike. Especially during the summer months, where visitors take advantage of the good weather to enjoy long walks on the seafront promenade. The landscape of St. Julian’s is dominated by the tallest building in Malta, Portomaso Tower that stands at 98 meters.

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