Italy Amalfi Coast

Italy Amalfi Coast

italy amalfi coast

Italy Amalfi Coast is a popular coastline in Italy that attracts many tourists. It is a stretch of a 50-kilometer coastline situated along the southern edge of the Sorrentine Peninsula. This beautiful shoreline has popular attractions like small beaches, village houses, and sheer cliffs.

This coastline is also known for producing limoncello liqueur, a local liquor locally made from lemons. It is also known as sfusato Amalfitano in the region. They are grown on the shorelines of the Amalfi coast and thrive between February and October. Read on to discover the beauty of the Amalfi Coast and why you should consider this amazing coastline for your next trip.

Popular destinations in Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi coast offers many popular places to visit. However, this depends on what you plan to see and experience. The amount of time you plan to spend will also determine how many places you visit. Here are some popular places to visit on Amalfi Coast:

Italy Amalfi Coast – Town

Italy Amalfi Coast – town attracts the most tourists among all towns on the coastline. The main reason is that Amalfi town is like the center point of all transport systems including ferries, buses, and boats. This means all tourists arriving will have to pass through this town before arriving at their destinations.

Attraction sights here include the Duomo di Amalfi, an old church built with unique styles and materials and amazing hiking trails. Amalfi town offers great hotels and accommodation for tourists. Some popular hotels include Santa Caterina, NH Collection Grand Hotel Convento di Amalfi, Monastero Santa Rosa Hotel and Spa and Hotel Marina Riviera.

Italy Amalfi Coast



If you are a fan of yachts then this is the town to visit while on the Amalfi coast. Here, houses are filled with beautiful flowers and the blue waters never disappoint in sightseeing and photography. The Positano beach is picturesque in that the images were taken mostly have been used as screensavers and displays for television brands.

A church is also an attractive sight in this town, the Santa Maria Assunta, a 13th-century church. Activities at the beach are unlimited including boat riding and renting, swimming and sightseeing. You may also relax at the beach restaurants and houses while sipping your favorite flute of champagne if you so wish. This town has also been known to host many celebrities, so spotting some might be an activity for you.

Emerald cave

This popular cave is found in the village of Conca Dei Marini. Also known as Grotta Dello Smeraldo, there are stairs and an elevator to take you down to the amazing cave. The water is clear and the sun shining inside the cave and water make this place stunning. Furthermore, boats are always waiting to take you for a tour inside the cave. The tour lasts from 10-15 minutes.


Ravello is an old town and popular attraction surrounded by gardens and villa parks. The gardens are well planted with flowers and overlooking the sea. Like any other town in Amalfi, you will find a church probably after a kilometer or two. These churches date back to the 12th and 13th Centuries, with some re-modeled to fit modern capacities.

In the middle of the town, the Cathedral of San Pantaleone, an old Romanian church is the center of attraction as it has designs of myths and biblical scenes and signs. On the other hand, you may easily walk back to Amalfi while viewing amazing sights.

Italy Amalfi Coast, Ravello amalfi

Villa Cimbrone Gardens

This villa offers amazing white sculptures and a pathway that overlooks the blue waters of the coastline. Flower gardens and statues are visible. Initially, the villa was in ruins until an English Lord bought and renovated it to become what it is today. It is perhaps one of the best places to view the ocean and beach.

Villa Rufolo

Surrounded by serenity and green mountains, Villa Rufolo is well kept and attractive. It was established in the 13th century by farmers. It is a 30-meter stones tower that offers amazing direct viewing of the ocean. Often, music festivals and cultural heritages are held here in commemoration of the past. Part of the villa is in ruins and used for an exhibition to tourists.

What is the best time to visit Italy Amalfi Coast

Amalfi coast offers a splendid experience to anyone who visits. However, there are the best times to visit this coastline, especially if you want to enjoy more and experience lenient hotel prices. Between May and October is the best time to visit this coast. At this time, the temperatures are conducive, hotels and restaurants lower their prices while popular sights are at their best with a beautiful display of flowers.

During this time, you may be able to bask in the sun on the beach and enjoy the warm temperature and breeze from the sea. However, recently many tourists have known this time to be the best period to visit the Amalfi coast. This has prompted many tourists to flock to the towns at this time and many paths are usually crowded.

Transportation in Italy Amalfi Coast

Getting to Amalfi may be easy and cheap depending on the means of transport you use. There are various means available for tourists to get to this coast and use while on tour too.


Ferry and boats


Ferry and boast are the most common means in this area. The 50- kilometer coastline has many boats and ferries for rent one may use to tour places and sight-see. Yachts, a popular item in many people’s bucket lists, are available, though rarely come cheap.


Ferries can be used to move from town to town and throughout Italy as a country. Using ferries and boats is advantageous as you may get to view a lot on your journey. Moreover, many journeys have stopovers which enable tourists to have fun in their travel. The port of Amalfi has a popular boat by the name “Travelmar” which is loved by not only tourists but locals too.




Buses can offer worth the experience in Amalfi, especially the decker buses. You may use a bus to travel between towns. They are economical in Amalfi and vast as they can be found at stations from the airport where you land and every town you visit. A popular bus company like Sitabus offers safe and convenient travel for all.




Train stations are available in Amalfi. The national train company, “Trenitalia”, has amazing experiences for all. Train routes are vast, like Napoli to Sorrento and other parts of the city and country as well.




Traveling to Amalfi by car may be a great option. You may get to experience a lot of sightseeing and you can make stopovers to take pictures on the picturesque coast. If you have no car, you may rent one when you land at the airport where car rental services are offered. You may also visit other car rental service companies for vehicles that you may self-drive or be driven. Cars in Amalfi range from affordable ones to high-end and luxurious cars.

Amalfi Coast

Best foods to taste in the Amalfi Coast

Just like any other place or country, you visit; Amalfi has a variety of delicacies to taste. While some are modern foods you may probably have tasted elsewhere, other delicacies are traditional and traditionally prepared to entice anyone who tastes. Here are some of the best foods to taste in Amalfi:

Pane biscottato

Also known as cookie-baked bread, this is a type of bread that originated in the ancient Amalfi times. It was baked and dried for sailors to eat while on long trips. The dryness made sure the bread would not spoil during the journey. This bread is made today in Amalfi and served to tourists who enjoy it with either a glass of milk or juice.

The Pizza of Tramonti

You cannot visit an Italian city or town without tasting pizza. Perhaps one of their oldest delicacies to date. No wonder they have the best making pizza schools in the world. The pizza of Tramonti has a unique procedure, ingredients, and different tastes. Amalfi residents pride themselves on this pizza as a delicacy the say is local and made in Amalfi.


Fried pizza

Yet another type of pizza, the fried pizza is a traditional pizza that is fried instead of baked. It is considered a snack in Amalfi and is usually eaten just before lunch. It originates from the old age where stoves were in short of supply during war and soldiers has to prepare this pizza in a hurry. However, this pizza is not often served in restaurants but if requested, may be fried for you.


Ndunderi is a type of pasta made from a type of grain and sour yogurt or milk. It originates from 79 AD during the Vesuvio outbreak. This pasta is however intense and spicy because the Romans loved it that way. Fish sauces can also be used in this pasta. All these pose the question of what the Romans ate!

Ancient wine

Italy is known for various brands of wine that have incredible tastes. In Amalfi, you may be served ancient wine in various restaurants. On the coastline, terraces full of wine and chestnuts are vast. Grapes are grown all over in gardens and farms for the production of this ancient wine. Many people make their wines at their homes in Amalfi due to the growth of the grapes used and the skills that seem native.

Limoncello liqueur

This is a type of liquor brewed locally by the use of lemons. The lemons are grown all over the Amalfi coastline and gardens by the locals. Be sure to taste this liquor on your next Amalfi coast trip.

Amalfi Coast, Best food to taste in Amalfi

Things to do on the Amalfi Coast


Amalfi coast is one of the most renowned places to visit has a lot of activities to do. A picturesque town, green mountains, the blue waters, and cultural heritages are some of the popular sightseeing you may partake. Here are some of the best activities to do on the Amalfi coast.


Amalfi coast has high mountains surrounding the coastline. These mountains surround the coastline with serenity. Some of the mountains have steps to climb making it easy to reach the top for sightseeing. Some easily accessible hikes include the Torre Dello Ziro and the Punta Campanella tower. These two offer long trails and amazing sights for a view including the beach. Hikes here are unique too as you get to witness historic cultures and heritage. However, the best hike experience hiking has to be the Path of gods which is 6.5 kilometers and may take 2-3 hours to hike.

Take trips to different towns

A perfect day trip may be the one to the island of Capri. This is a beautiful island with an amazing landscape and blue sea. Many think the trip is only for the rich but this is a fallacy. Other incredible towns include Sorrento, Positano, Praiano and Amalfi.

Visit the beach

A trip to Amalfi without visiting the beach may be a boring one. The beach offers amazing seawater with cool breezes at the shores. Activities like swimming, picnic, make sand, rock-pooling, look for seashells, surf and relax. You may choose to relax at the beach houses and restaurants while basking in the sun. just remember to apply your sunscreen.

Eat and drink locally made foods

Eating and drinking may be merry in trips and adventures. Amalfi offers a wide variety of delicacies and drinks including ancient wines and locally made liquor.

Drive the coastal road

The coastal road offers the best near view of the Amalfi coast. However, you may need to slow down on the throttle because of the narrow road. It is meant for enjoying views and not for speeding, so, be careful when you do. You may hire a vehicle as Amalfi coast has amazing car hire service companies for whatever type of vehicle you may need.

Explore Amalfi town

Visiting the Amalfi coast may lead to exploring the town itself. The chances to visit this town are high since many stations and stop points are here. Activities in Amalfi include shopping in malls, viewing the Amalfi cathedral, and sightseeing.

In addition, other activities may include snorkeling, boat and yacht tours, attending festivals, and concerts. The Amalfi coast has amazing towns and villages. Lots of activities may be done here too. Amalfi has a lot of cultural ways of doing things which may not only spice your travel but also add to your information about different cultures.

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