Europe Countries


Europe Countries

What should you expect when traveling to Europe?

Europe is a diverse continent hosting many nations. Each nation has their own unique attractions and cultures. Europe is divided into four parts namely, the Northern, Eastern, Western and Southern Europe.

The Eastern Europe countries include Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Poland. These destination are quite cheaper compared to the rest of the countries in Europe. They offer spectacular historical destinations like the Prague Castle in Czech Republic.

The Southern Europe hosts amazing countries like Croatia, Malta, Italy, Spain, Greece, Bosnia and Montenegro. These countries border the Mediterranean and well known for the best water travel, yachts and cruise ships and serene natural sights. Amazing ancient cultures are also available in these countries, like Spain and Italy.

The Western part of Europe attracts many tourists from both countries in Europe and outside Europe. This side contains countries like France, Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The Eiffel Tower in France is a popular attraction sight for many people all over the world. The Alps Mountains that cover France, Switzerland, Monaco, Italy, Austria, and Germany are a great destination for many.

The northern Europe side hosts incredible countries like United Kingdom, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Estonia. These countries are widely known to have the best winter times and activities. The northern lights are also seen here and form incredible sky sightseeing during the night.


Traveling option to and within Europe
Europe offers a diverse means of transport for anyone who visits this continent. Here are some of the common means of transport within Europe.

Road: Travelling to Europe by road can be exciting. Roads are well tarmacked with proper lighting for night times and clear signage. The natural phenomenon in Europe countries offer amazing sites while driving through. It is essential to familiarize yourself with the laws that govern the particular country you travel to by road.

Air: Countries in Europe offer amazing air travel with diverse airlines to choose from. This is one of the most used means of transport across Europe. However, you will need a visa to enter into any country in this continent, but getting it is never difficult. Ensure to carry yours when travelling to any European country.

Train: Trains are used everywhere in Europe. Train systems here are well maintained and offer ambient prices. Trains can be used from town to town or country to country too. Sea travel/Ferry

This is most common too. Ferry travel is highly appreciated in many countries across Europe. In a country like Italy, many tourists prefer using sea travel as it involves luxurious yachts that offer amazing experience.

In addition, other means of transport include terms, commuter rails, taxis, monorails and funicular transport. Europe has proven to be an amazing continent to visit and live in. be sure to book a trip to Europe for your next vacation or trip. It is an experience worth your while.