Cape Verde

The capital city is the largest city of Cape Verde  and also the most habitated (of about 130K inhabitants) city in Cape Verde, which is off the coast of West Africa. The city is on the southern coast of Santiago Island. The old town center, called the ‘Plateau’ by locals is on a raised area overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Around the bay, beaches include Quebra Canela and Prainha, both near the Prainha neighboorhod. Shops and restaurants  cluster in the Achada de Santo António quarter. This city has the main airport with the most connections in the island.

Mindelo at the Island São Vicente is with about 80 k people the second largest island in Cape Verde. The port, which was an important supply station on the transatlantic routes from 1850, now serves as a docking point for cruise ships. It’s known for its music, nightlife and lively, Brazilian-influenced Carnival celebrations. Colorful colonial houses line the shores of Porto Grande harbor, which is set against a backdrop of rugged mountains. The Torre de Belém, by the harbor, is a scaled-down replica of a centuries-old tower in Lisbon.

Visiting São Filipe on the island of Fogo

For those visiting downtown São Filipe. The more peripheral neighborhoods, higher up on the slope, are not visible. It’s only when you drive or rent a car in the direction of Mosteiros or Chão das Caldeiras. That you get a true sense of the dimension of the city of São Filipe. But at the same time, São Filipe seems like a village stopped in time. São Filipe has its own rhythm and conveys a sense of calm and peace.

Tarrafal is situated on the northwestern part of the island Santiago with about only 18k inhabitants. This area is known for the horrible concentration camp in the regime time of the former Portuguese colony. The concentration camp was built in 1936, in the area of Chão Bom. Which is now a museum to showcase/exhibit the horrible experience. It is not well-known worldwide but you should take some time for a visit. The beaches in Santiogo – Tarrafal are magnificent, you won´t want to leave this beautiful place. There are certainly more things to do than just to go to the beach and hang out. The Monte Graciosa is a nice hiking place with a great view but is not really a very high. in this case the best thing is to combine the beach with a trip to the amazing Monet Graciosa.

Cape Verdean nature seems to know only two colors: golden yellow and deep blue. These are the colors of the vast beaches, the dunes, the sky and the sea. What more could you want.

When you’ve had enough of relaxing on the beach and splashing in the waves, day trips inland to waterfalls, oases, salt pans, and the mosaic towns of the African archipelago will seduce you. Every year, between June and October, the beaches of Sal and Boa Vista become the egg-laying sites for thousands of loggerhead turtles – you shouldn’t miss this natural spectacle under a starry sky! Meanwhile, the sea is not only ideal for swimming, but also for surfing, kite surfing and other water sports.

The Cape Verde Islands are a hiker’s paradise and a surprise with their diversity and originality. You will find evergreen mountain landscapes up to 2,000 m high and tropical valleys with sugar cane, coffee and cassava plantations on the hiking island of Santo Antão. The bizarre volcanic landscapes of the island of Fogo with the 2,829 m high Pico de Fogo, whose ascent is possible as a travel module on the excursions we offer, offer pure contrast. The deserted islands of Sal and Boavista, on the other hand, surprise with their beautiful white beaches.

Cabo verde officially known as Republica de Cabo Verde, is definitelly the most beautiful island country of Africa. Which makes this untouched nature and island country very attractive for all kind of tourists. The country is mostly known for its volcanic archipelago that comprises of 10 volcanic islands and numerous beaches. It is a must go to for Mountain trekkers. It is also on the west side of the African continent with the highest standard of living. Which in fact is attributed to a very stable economy, but also very dependent on tourism. Mainly coming from Portugal. The numerous amounts of goat in the country is twice the population of the whole island.

This is due to the high number of wild goats, that are founded around the countryside. In the history of the world Cape Verde posses the 3rd largest nesting site for loggerhead turtles. It is almost unique how the Island population take care of the loggerhead turtles. Since they are considered endangered species. It is also highly prohibited to capture or hunt down these turtles. While your visit to the province of Sal you will then understand why that city was one of the largest salt mines in the world. The huge saline structures is still visible. But also the breathtaking views around the saline should be taken in consideration. One of the most democratic country on the African continent.

Highest good in this country is their culture, the creativity, its their identity and the most precious good. The creole Jazz Festival which happens every single year is also a festival that once should have visited. The Morna, Coladera, the Funaná and other styles are cap verdians precious good. The great hospitality of the people is just not to be told but to be felt. Plan your trip HERE ensure your VISA is up to date.

Unique things to do and places to visit

When you leave the capital city, you'll discover a vast and largely unexplored paradise of white sand beaches, raging rivers, and untouched nature.

Island Santa Luzia

The whole island is uninhabited, which means you can only visit this island from Calao. Located on the east coast of São Vicente Island. celebrated for its white sand’s beaches and high sand dunes an amazing mixture of nature beauty. It is the groups smallest groups island. Which makes this place also very interesting and to be seen. 



Windsurfing Hotspot

Even not known and recognized by many, but this Island country is a Wind Surfing Hotspot. Nowadays, it is even scene to Wind surfing and kite surfing competition worldwide. To gather the best wind conditions, you must travel between November to May. In that time you´ll get real strong winds and best surfing experience. This does not mean that during the other months the wind is not good, it is but keep in mind the heat. The vast and large experience in colorful beaches and sands makes these sports very attractive here around.

Loggerhead turtle

In the history of the world, Cape Verde posses the 3rd largest nesting site for loggerhead turtles. It is almost unique how the Island population take care of the loggerhead turtles. Since they are considered endangered species. It is also highly prohibited to capture or hunt down the turtles. Dozens and thousand of people come together every single year to help the turtles find the safe way to the Ocean.