The vibrant capital city has one of the most beautiful esplanade (Marginal – Ilha de Luanda) in Africa. This runs all along the side shore of the Baia de Luanda – Wonderful place to be. Once you have arrived in Luanda there are lots of must see and must do things in that Capital city – if you love Kizomba Music, this is the birthland of the real Kizomba rhytm, the most appreciated foods are Mufete, Calulu and so on. must see places Slavery museum, Miradouro da Lua, Shipwreck beach, St. Miguel Fort and the wonderful Parque nacional da Kissama. Visit the rural Suburbs and the markets around the city. To visit this marvellous city you can Click here!

Written in 2 different ways and you still come to the same place. The city of the ancient Queen of Angola Rainha Nzinga from ndongo and Matamba. Malanje has such a pure and authentic life with its Majestic Waterfall The Calandula Falls, Pedras Negras do Pungoandogo and the The rapid falls of the Kwanza river. On the other hand you have the amazing natinal park with the majestic, rare and unique Antilope which is worldwide only to be found here Palanca Negra (Black Antilope). When driving to Malanje, enjoy the ride via train. Amazing try it here!

Cabinda is one of the most exciting regions in Angola. Not only the biodiversity, the deep rainforest and the extraordinary culture, makes it worth a trip. But also the wealth of mineral resources makes this unique and beautiful city so worth seeing.

Discover this mystic place, this area that has hardly been developed for tourism yet. That has a huge potential due to its culture, history and status. Discover this beautiful citie that borders with the both Congo here! Indeed it is very hard for a foreigner (tourist) find himself here around. But it is just due to the situation in this area.

The South of Angola – This is majestic, epic, big and wonderful – it is a must for all travelers, photographer. Including Namibe, Huila and Cunene, different ethnic tribes (Mumuhuila/ Mwila, Mudimba and Mutua, Mucubal, Himbas and Tjimbas), the village Chibia and Kuroca, chapel Nossa Sra. Do Monte and the famouse Cristo Rei figure, the Serra da Leba, Iona National Park, Fenda da Tundavala, Cascata da Huila, Welwitchia Mirabilis, Namibe Desert and many more. You can at anytime extend your trip to go visit the Baia dos Trigres (tiger bay).

Get a real and deep impression of the marvelous south of Angola in just one trip here.


While your visit to this beautiful province of Cuanza Norte. Here around you should spend some time to visit the Morro do Moco and the famous botanical garden. Where you’ll be able to see the roses made of porcelain only made in this area.

Travel, nurture your adventurous spirit. Far away from mass tourism, you will experience a pristine Africa, not polished for tourists. Experience the real country and get to know the people. Angola is an exceptional destination that offers you a unique experience such as ethnic groups, Mumuíla, Muhimba, Mucubal, Muacahones, Ngendelengue and many more

The Tourism still offers a pure and authentic experience for tourists, since there are almost no tourist coming down this area. The decades-long civil war, which ended in 2002, meant that many regions were untouched by people and have been taken back by nature. Till the the years 2017, the Angolan visa was one of the hardest to get around the world.

Even though the country is gradually opening up to tourism, it is still not an easy destination to visit. Frequent power outages, car accidents caused by the tropical climate and poor road conditions, as well as general difficulties of a developing country make Angola an adventure not for the faint-hearted. For the locals this is normal everyday life, but for travelers from better organized countries, this can be a nerve-racking rehearsal.

Please be aware that despite careful organization and preparation, not everything may go according to plan. From time to time external influences such as traffic or weather may impact plans. We always strive to make your stay as smooth as possible, but a country like this brings with it challenges that you might not expect in industrialized nations. In these circumstances, we will always make your safety a priority, rather than the planned event.

The Culture

The fascinating and intoxicating culture, due to its colorful mix of cultures, and love of dance and music. The life-affirming and open atmosphere, coupled with the locals’ love of parties and the relaxed lifestyle makes the Angolan culture interesting to experience.

In recent years, job and training opportunities in Angola have developed rapidly, leading to a very small upper class and an also small but growing middle class. The young Angolans strive for a Western life that is exemplified by the social media and telenovelas.

Unfortunately the country is still strongly affected by poverty, especially in rural areas. It  is a very safe travel destination, due to the openness and hospitality of the population.

During the Portuguese rule, the country was Christianized. As a result, the value system of the country is very similar to the Western world and visitors from Christian countries have few cultural barriers to be aware of.


Angola is next to Brazil and Madagascar, one of three countries with the highest biodiversity worldwide. Nowhere else on the African mainland is such a wealth of animals and plants to be admired. This alone makes Angola a fascinating destination.

Unfortunately, the flora and fauna were severely affected during the civil war, and further decimated by natives due to ignorance and greed in the following years.

Despite extensive efforts in recent years, the highly decimated species need time to recover. Organized open-air walks in the form of safari parks as in Tanzania or South Africa are not available. Here, the untouched landscapes and rare species await discovery. Many parts of the country have not been visited for decades by anyone, and no one can truly say what is still hidden in the deep jungles of the country. Today’s well-known sights are probably just a taste of Angola’s still deeply hidden beauty.

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A pictured disposal of different views of Angola and its tribes. Discover Angola with the locals

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