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A good traveler is an open minded person. Share your love and experience with others and be open to learn something new in return.

Borderlinetrip - Discover Africa


visit africa

An amazing continent that should be on every travelers travel list. Africa the sunny continent with the vibrant culture and full of joy. Discover Africa and you´ll find the world!

Europe Countries - Discover Europe


travel to europe

Traveling to Europe is traveling to diversity, nostalgia and a mix of art. Europe travelers are always fascinated with the nice and beautiful museum among the cities.

South America

South America

travel to south america

South America is always connected with heat, dance nice people – but they dont mention the nice culture, the diversity of each and every location and so on.

Borerlinetrip - Discover North America

North America

discover north america

Come with us and get the know the 3 largest continent the in the world. There are more countries in this continent than just the USA and Canada.

taste of Asia,


discover asia

Asia is a continent on its own but open for everyone. There are so many ways to discover Asia, the culture, the life, the people and probably the best (the food).

Borderlinetrip - Discover New Zealand and Australia

New Zealand and Australia

australia & Oceania

The other side of the world is somewhere between downunder and Canberra. Enrich yourself with the best of traveling.

Travel tips

There is nothing better than getting some real cool insider tips for the next trip. Here you can and will get some insider tips and news, as also local guide information for some special or difficult regions. Local Foods, Bars, Restaurants and many more.

Tips for your time in New Zealand & Australia

We collect some cool insider information about New Zealand and/or Australia that ease your next trip to these destinations. Make your trip a bit better with our tips.

Tips for your time in Europe

Get the best places and tips for your next trip to one of the Europe cities of our list. Get the best Museum update, Bars, short trip, beaches, surfing spot and many more.

Tips for your time in Asia

Wel traveling to Asia is very easy but sometimes is hard to find the best or cool places you can chill at. check our list of nice places you can hang out when visiting some places of our lists. Bars, Restaurants and other nice places.

Tips for your time in Africa

Get the best tips, information and local guides that will make a difference for your trips to Africa. We think that having the right contacts can make a huge difference for your trip.

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Travel Advisory

Travel Advisory

We are herewith sharing with you our passion and travel experience, bear in mind this is just our view. We have traveled to over 100 countries so far and we can’t wait to get on the road again and fly (sail) away. It is 100% a joy when you know you’re packing your things to go on a new adventure, every trip is unique and is long-established, and a well-planned journey.  Being open to something different is a fact that you are an open-minded traveler, but being ready for unpredicted changes shows that you have been seeing the world not only from your perspective. Traveling is the best food for your soul, the best teacher, and the best way to gather real and authentic experiences. Travel advisory, because we think you should have seen these corners of the world.

Travel Passionates

We have the travel passion in our blood. For us, our work is not only a profession, but a vocation. And we do everything to make your vacation an unforgettable experience. This already starts with the joint planning. Sit back and let us inspire you.

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